Our Team

Dr. Sam Martin, DPT

Founder and Head Coach

Sam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength coach with over ten years of experience teaching human movement. Sam is an expert in solving movement problems and teaching clients “how to fish” so they can take care of themselves and thrive.

After graduating from The University of Chicago with a degree in Economics in 2009, Sam struck out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Things didn’t go according to plan on stage, but Sam ended up discovering his true passion in the weight room of CrossFit LA, a small gym in Santa Monica.

Since 2010, Sam has been helping people Move Better. First at CFLA and later at Windy City CrossFit in Chicago and Northwestern University’s Sports Performance department, Sam has worked with athletes of all ages and ability levels, always bringing a focus on quality over quantity. In every setting, he was known for his thoughtful approach and obsessive attention to detail. Sam has taught specialty classes, seminars, and workshops on bodyweight strength, running mechanics, kettlebells, and self-mobilization.

Always seeking a higher perspective on understanding and teaching movement, Sam went back to school, attending the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. He graduated in 2020 as President of his class.