Greetings friends,

Been a while since we’ve last been here. Lots of catching up to do, let’s get right to it.

So, Sam and I met in real life for the first time. An occasion that I had marked on my calendar for months. Did not disappoint.

This will not be an entire essay on how great movebettersam is, but damnit, I could write one (turns out that’s about 75% of this one). Sam is better than advertised. He’s incredibly thoughtful and humble, true midwestern gentleman. From the second he arrived, it felt like we had been best friends since grade school. He has a unique ability to make people feel comfortable, one of many reasons why he’s an awesome PT.

As you know, his PT knowledge is second to none. But holy shit, in person, it’s even better. Everyone should experience an in-person Sam Martin consult. Cues and video work well, but its harder to immediately “feel” the proper muscle contractions or what part of your glute to feel a stretch in. I’m a perfect example. Do the work and care about getting it right, but was still doing some things wrong that Sam quickly corrected.

Sam taught me how to move this weekend, both physically and mentally. He physically moved me under the hoop from the low block and mentally moved me to a bad place. Sam kicked my ass in 1 on 1 basketball. I could shoot him out the gym but I was getting dominated in the “Low(e) Post”. Sam’s 1v1 game is well-rehearsed. He has a low center of gravity and works hard and fast to get to his spots. Can finish with both hands and has supreme body control. Defensively, he’s tenacious. Works his ass off and is a smart and physical defender. I don’t normally take L’s in 1v1, but he took me to the shed (twice). Yes, I punted a basketball when I lost. You know this.

On the business front, we had important conversations. It was fun to have an agenda and also riff on ideas over a beer.

I like our chances of building a company that helps people that want to move better. Few exciting updates:

  • Sold out our beta program (20/20)
  • Finalized the UI for our web platform (this will be done before we launch the V1 shoulder program)
  • Removing Sam entirely from post-production work
  • Identified our plans for 2023 (knee, low back, core, neck)

We’ve discussed the future of mbp a bit in the past but never with this much clarity. We have a plan, it’s on us to execute. If we git’r done, it should result in 1M people using an mbp plan. The mbp will be our Mona Lisa. Bringing Sam’s knowledge and spirit to the world is the most important thing I can work on.

That’s all for now, folks

– gcs