now we go

It’s been a while since I posted about move better project. This is my (gcs) fault.

It’s been a wild 12 weeks for the movebetter team. But, despite the craziness, we are where we want to be, with our first plan sold and on the brink of helping people move more with less pain.

On the business side, we finished our shoulder program beta (s/o Sam for all of his hard work on this) and made some minor tweaks to our website. Although this meant little work for me, I still made some mistakes along the way.

Shoulder Beta Launch
Our shoulder launch went wrong twice. Once, when we had people answer questions before signing up via an “application” and the other when we added a referral code to entice people to sign up.

  1. The application is a good idea in theory. We wanted to review the shoulder pain history to ensure we could help everyone who signed up. However, this created far too much friction and led to just 6 signups out of 20 link clicks. Additionally, creating an application made it seem like there would be > 20 applicants, and we would have to “select you.” Again not my intent, but still stupid and almost certainly cost us signups. Moving forward, it will be very easy to purchase and we will not require a damn “application”.
  2. The referral program for us is a no-brainer, eventually. But introducing this now is silly. If you build programs that work, mbp will reach more people than we could ever imagine.

I think a lot about goodwill as it pertains to movebetterproject. Sam, my partner in crime, has built up as much of it as you can on Twitter. Part of my job is not to deplete it with gimmicky shit like referrals before we launch a plan or make it harder for people to experience the magic of our plans.

Thanks for reading. As someone who has never started a company or done many things like marketing, it feels good to reflect on bad decisions.

So long, for now, I’m excited for the future of mbp.

– gcs