Hey team,

Wanted to check in and give you all some updates on what’s been cooking in the movebetter kitchen

  • 75% of the way done shooting our inaugural program (shoulder!). Once the shooting is done, we will be giving you all sneak peaks of the content. We have a big idea around how we can share our program to maximize its value to you, and we can’t wait to share it with you
  • Our next plan will be a way for you to diagnose what parts of your body need some more TLC. We see this being the best way to do the human body equivalent of a maintenance inspection
  • Sam and I are meeting IRL! After we were unable to link up in Vancouver this summer (rumor has it he was scared to play me in bball), we will be meeting in an undisclosed location in the United States in early ’23
  • The Move Better Project podcast is coming to your ears in 2023. We will be talking with people in human performance, strength training, professional athlete, twitter friend, mobility, physical therapy, and other adjacent areas + answering user-submitted questions. If you have recommendations (you can include yourself) let us know
  • We are officially a Delaware corporation! thanks to stripe atlas for making this insanely easy.
  • Looking for a new logo & branding assets. This will be a big part of our website & programs. If this is your bread and butter, hit us up!
  • I (gcs) am starting a program (designed by Sam) with the goal of doing a pistol squat. After countless conversations with Sam, we identified this being the best bang for your buck exercise to get my knee right for all the activities that I enjoy and more importantly that our programs work. Currently at ~160 degrees ROM (this is not good!)
My Current Knee Angle when attempting to do a single leg squat
where we need to get to. a long road

The Plan:

  • 3 days of week of body-weight exercises
  • 4 days of week of smashing and stretching
  • Not going to slow down on any activities besides for lower body lifting. Will try to do this and keep up my regular tennis, ball, walk/hike volume

This is going to be hard as heck but I’m excited to give this a go

Goal Check Ins:

  • Twitter followers 156/500 with 2 months to go
  • Email subscribers 97/100 (goal was for October) -> join our mailing list (we only share when it’s very important or have cool things for you guys (early access to plans, Q&A with team, discounts, and more) sign up here

That’s all for now folks, talk to you all soon.