progress update v1

Week 1

The first week really working on Although I’m not super proud of what I’ve accomplished this week, it makes sense to publish what got done and what’s in store for next week.

This week’s goals: 

  • Reach out to all email list customers (list keeps growing!)
  • Create carrd plans page
  • Create gum road account for plans
  • Write blog on first 10 days
  • Set up email marketing service 
  • Decide on name for now 
  • Create twitter

Next week goals:

  • Figure out what we want to have on our website vs. third parties like Carrd (is there any real need for Carrd?)
  • Interview 5 more customers (if you’re reading this and want to chat, DM me or grab time here
  • Design and send out survey to email list
  • Publish an executable twitter strategy and KPIs
  • Review and distribute Sam’s shoulder process post 

October goals: 

  • 100 customer sign up list (41/100)
  • Talk to 25% of mailing list (5/41)


  • Our Twitter account is live, follow us
  • Twitter imo is very important. At first, the acquisition will be primarily through twitter relationships and us replying to randos who are complaining about the pain that we have a plan for 

Carrd Plans Page

  • Right now, we are using this carrd page to record sign ups and this one to eventually sell our plans. Next week I’ll find a page to host all of our different sub-account pages.

Create gum road 

  • This was a little audacious. Plans aren’t coming anytime soon just wanted to see what Gumroad was all about. Pretty cool 

Write blog on first few days 

  • This is me writing about our first few days working on this 

Set up email marketing 

  •  I have little to no experience here so this process was not that time efficient. As of now, we are using Carrd as landing/check-out pages and Sendinblue or Hubspot for email marketing & CRM. If there are tools you like for email, marketing, etc.  let me know homies

Name for now

  • We are rolling with the name and have created this logo via canva. This is by no means final but the name is intuitive. Branding matters to me. I want a logo that people would wear proudly on a hat, shirt, shorts, foam roller, orb ball, etc. Feel free to give feedback here 


  • Visakan Veerasamy (aka @visakanv) for introducing me to Sam almost a year ago and for the s/o on twitter
  • Tasshin Fogleman for pushing me to publish our journey 
  • Sam Sager (@sc_sager) & Andrew Ettinger (@ettinger) for being great sounding boards on our ideas for 
  • Everyone else who shared our message on twitter and signed up for our mailing list. Every little like, retweet, mailing list sub is a little vote of confidence that inspires us to build something that can change lives