progress review v3

Hello sam and our loyal readers, let’s get to it

Let’s start with some good & a *New Goal Alert*

  • We are at 74/100 email signups 
  • We have decided, for now, that talking to 25% of our email sign-ups is a bad goal, given our time constraints. Canned for now
    • We’ve been posting more on Twitter, and seeing some solid growth, goal is 500 by EOY 

 Other exciting updates from this week:

  • I’m starting our shoulder program Monday. More to come here
  • Sam and I are tinkering about other ways to go grow the brand. There might be a MB.F podcast coming to your ears in January, stay tuned
  • I have mocked up our preliminary youtube thumbnail for playlists and will implement them in the coming week. If you’re reading this, thanks, and give some feedback if you feel like it
  • With regards to youtube content, we will be posting vertical videos because our guess is that people want to be rehabbing and preventing injuries on their phones, so it will be less editing if we want to share across other socials
  • At some point this month we will port over movebetter project -> 
  • I made some minor tweaks to our website, nothing major. Want the website to remain more of a diary than a place to send people for now 
  • Started to think through some growth stuff
    • We want to partner with friends and other cool people who are not yet our internet or IRL friends
      • This happens by us sponsoring newsletters, podcasts, events once plans are live. Not sure the going rate here but we would either pay upfront or if the partner drove sales we would give them all the revenue until we hit their number + a percentage of any further sales. If this is interesting to you or you’d like to promote mb.f let’s chat. 
    • Affiliate: We want everyone who purchases a plan to share with their friends and family. Everyone who buys a plan will receive a link to share mb.f with family and friends who will get some % off. If they successfully refer 10 people they will get a free mb.f plan 
  • Have found my two youtube comrades to talk YT/social growth with. learning by doing is the move here and won’t spend too much time in the weeds.

This week:

  • Start shoulder program and take daily notes 
  • Migrate youtube channel and add new thumbnails to half of the playlists 
  • Start to see what tools we can use for gumroad coupon codes and affiliate tracking
  • Come up with a creative brief for the podcast
    • What are we going to talk about
    • Who are our ideal guests 
    • How will we host it 
    • How often will we have it 
    • How can I do this and not dox myself 
    • what pod platform should we use

That’s all for now folks