progress review v2 & thoughts on Twitter/YT

hey, sam & everyone else reading

fyi nothing here is groundbreaking. But, as we’ve discussed, this post will hold us accountable.

want to quickly write about how I think we should think about Twitter/Youtube

Twitter is where we have our largest audience and a massive opportunity to service customers. People are begging us to help them.

Finding the best way to reply to people that is not spammy will be the challenge. Hoping that most people have DMs open because that will have more of a personal touch. We can test out different responses.

Stylistically, I think we are aligned. We both want a more authentic internet, important for us to demonstrate this through mb.f

In terms of “regular content,” I want us to try educating people on your existing videos. Serves two purposes 1) figure out what body parts people are most interested in 2) show off your awesome youtube library

Twitter goals:

  • Once we have plans that are live, reach out to 100 people per week and track conversion. I’ll be doing all of this work and tracking it in a spreadsheet
  • Post 3 times per week highlighting a video from the YouTube
    – What: impacted muscle
    – How: one or two important cues
    – Why (answer as many as possible ): In the wild what does this do for us? Sure we know that pigeon is loosening our glute but what else in our body does this impact? What will this improve? How can we measure success
    – We are character constrained on twitter and I do not want to be associated with thread guys so if it feels out of character we can post an image or find another way to make it digestible
  • Share all of our blogs
  • Share updates on our personal movement goals (tbd)

I think that these are doable goals for the end of the year, we can re-evaluate in 2023 based off of what we’ve seen. The above is our floor, if there are other things you want to share, you have the keys to the castle. You’re way better than me at twitter anyways.

YouTube is going to be great for us. Your videos are fucking incredible and there is life-changing value in there. We just need to find ways to dress it up a little prettier which will require me to spend time looking at best practices for Thumbnails, Titles, etc.

Before we focus on adding new content, I want to see what we can do with the existing videos. As a YouTube watcher, I want all videos to be predictable and the title, description, and thumbnail are the best way to do that. Your

I’ll need your YouTube credentials to make changes so just add that to the sheet I shared with you.

Goals (by Oct 31)

  • Come up with new thumbnails for each playlist
  • Change 10 titles, 10 descriptions, 10 thumbnails for individual videos and track growth

what I did this week:

  • Figure out what we want to have on our website vs. third parties like Carrd (is there any real need for Carrd?)
    • I think that we can hold off on this for now, Carrd will be a fine place to host our plans and it’s dirt cheap and easy to design with
  • Interview 5 more customers
    • Spoke with 7 customers
  • Design and send out survey to email list
    • 70 opens of email but only 15 people who filled out the survey
  • Publish an executable twitter strategy and KPIs
    • Per week: 3x video explainers, blog posts,
  • Review and distribute Sam’s shoulder process post
    • Done – u crushed

October Goals

  • Mailing list 65/100
  • Have spoken with 12/65 customers. Not sure that this is the best use of my time. 6 hours is a fuck ton of time with an ok script and no real action items. Mostly learning about peoples injuries that I personally can not solve. Going to scrap this one

what I’ll do next week:

  • Find two people to talk to about YouTube growth
  • focus on YouTube thumbnail creation
    • What can I repeat, what stands out the most, what makes our video content predictable
  • Spend more time on our website
  • Find ways to partner with other indie creators (blogs, newsletters, podcasts) to help spread the word
  • Think about an affiliate program

this is so much fun

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