Hey team, Wanted to check in and give you all some updates on what’s been cooking in the movebetter kitchen The Plan: This is going to be hard as heck but I’m excited to give this a go Goal Check Ins: That’s all for now folks, talk to you all soon. love, gcs

progress review v3

Hello sam and our loyal readers, let’s get to it Let’s start with some good & a *New Goal Alert* We are at 74/100 email signups  We have decided, for now, that talking to 25% of our email sign-ups is a bad goal, given our time constraints. Canned for now We’ve been posting more on… Continue reading progress review v3

from the doctor’s office: shoulder program design BTS

Treating shoulder pain is literally the thing I do most during the average work week. Shoulder pain, specifically due to impingement syndrome, is the most frequent diagnosis I make in my clinical practice, making up about 40% of my total caseload. I have plenty of clinical experience (with lots of success) in treating this condition,… Continue reading from the doctor’s office: shoulder program design BTS

progress update v1

Week 1 The first week really working on movebetter.fit. Although I’m not super proud of what I’ve accomplished this week, it makes sense to publish what got done and what’s in store for next week. This week’s goals:  Reach out to all email list customers (list keeps growing!) Create carrd plans page Create gum road… Continue reading progress update v1